O&A assists Provenonce Inc. in raising $4.4 million to fuel the growth of NFT Oasis

O&A, P.C. client and StartupProgram.com alumnus Provenonce has raised $4.4 million for its NFT virtual reality art and music venture.

In NFT Oasis, a virtual platform that combines non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance and virtual reality, creators can not only showcase their projects, whether in virtual galleries or customized performance spaces, but leverage a decentralized business platform for monetizing those creative endeavors.

“We are giving the chance for every creator to invest their time and energy into custom virtual worlds and experiences, activate their communities, stream their performances and creations, and capitalize on this tectonic shift that is taking place with the global NFT movement,” said Will O’Brien, CEO and co-founder of NFT Oasis. 

O&A, through its StartupProgram.com (SUP) incorporated and set up Provenonce so that it would be ready to quickly raise venture financing. Following its incorporation, O&A helped guide the company through this initial round of strategic financing. 

“Will has been a longstanding client of the firm, and we were thrilled that he came to us to help form Provenonce – a new and exciting venture in a space that fits right within our sweet spot – the intersection between technology and content,” O&A Partner Michael Borenstein said. “We are excited to see where Will takes this new venture.”  

Investors in this fundraising round include Blockchain Capital Managing Partner Brad Stephens, Lemniscap, CitizenX Crypto Ventures, Delphi Digital INFINFT and gmoneyNFT, FlamingoDAO, ID Theory, Intellectus Partners, Koji Capital, Mechanism Capital, OzoneX, Stateless Ventures, and The LAO.

NFT Oasis is wholly owned and operated by Provenonce Inc., based in Silicon Valley and founded by O’Brien, Greg Edwards, Jesse Nolan, and Patrick Booth, Jr.


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