O&A helps Last Crumb bake up $3.15 million financing round for high-end cookie boxes

Los Angeles-based Cookie Enterprises Inc., which in 2021 O&A, P.C., helped convert from an LLC to a corporation ready for venture financing, has closed a $3.15 million preferred equity financing round to grow its Last Crumb luxury cookie box business.  

O&A worked with Cookie Enterprises’ founder Derek Jaeger and CEO Matthew Jung in the round, negotiating the term sheet, drafting the transaction and ancillary documents, and coordinating conversion of $1.6 million in SAFEs (simple agreements for future equity). 

The lead investor on the round was Electric Feel Ventures, with David Cohen as principal.  

“It would be hard to believe Last Crumb’s trajectory from a brand-new Delaware C-Corporation to one with a near $40 million valuation within 12 months if you didn’t know Derek and Matthew – or if you hadn’t tried their cookies,” said Kevin Pasternak, the attorney who lead the O&A team on the financing round. “Derek is incredibly talented and has a clear vision for the company and its product, Matthew works tirelessly to ensure that the business is thriving, and good luck finding one of their flavors that you don’t love.”

Last Crumb offers its high-end cookie boxes delivered in weekly drops and marketed on multiple social media channels, including TikTok and Instagram. 

Jaeger came to O&A in mid-2021 with a California LLC, which O&A converted into a Delaware C Corporation to support SAFE financing and to bring Jung onboard as CEO. O&A also helped the company launch a stock incentive plan, secure a 409A valuation report, and represented Cookie Enterprises throughout the financing round. 

“The team at O&A are absolutely fantastic to work with,” Jung said. “As a small team with a rapidly scaling business, it’s important that we have the ability to move quickly and execute. O&A has helped us in two financial transactions that came together quickly in the last year, and made it effortless in the process. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the coming years on all things legal for Last Crumb. ” 

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