O&A partners with Techstars Atlanta to provide startup tools to entrepreneurs

Under a new partnership with startup incubator Techstars Atlanta, O&A, P.C., will provide Techstars participants free access to the firm’s exclusive SUP Academy online curriculum for entrepreneurs as well as discounted legal services for forming venture-ready companies.

O&A’s StartupProgram.com (SUP) serves as a legal platform for companies to establish a solid legal foundation from Day One. The program includes SUP Academy, which teaches  entrepreneurs the importance and details of how to structure a company with venture funding in mind. SUP Academy includes O&A’s proprietary cap tables, which allow companies to measure founder ownership percentage and plan out funding scenarios once they start attracting investors. 

In addition to free access to SUP Academy and the cap tables, TechStars participants will have the opportunity to go through the main SUP program at a discount. With SUP, O&A attorneys are hands-on in setting up the legal foundation for companies. Although this process can cost early stage companies tens of thousands of dollars when going through a typical law firm, O&A offers certain companies a deferral on discounted fees, and in some cases, will offer to replace fees with a mechanism by which a separate investment entity will invest in those companies, up to a certain amount. 

O&A Senior Associate Attorney Stephen Bush said, “As a native of Atlanta, it is my goal to see the tech startup industry in Atlanta thrive, and do everything I can to help it along the way. O&A’s SUP program is such a great opportunity for early stage companies, given how inexpensive it is compared to going through a typical law firm, and how streamlined the process is. 

“I can’t express just how critical it is for early stage companies to create a solid legal foundation from the beginning if they really want to thrive and attract serious investors, and there really is no better process than what we provide through SUP.” 

Bush, O&A Founding Partner Dan Offner, and Associate Attorney Claudia Herrera will be speaking at a Techstars workshop in Atlanta on Sept. 21, answering questions about forming, financing, and running a startup seeking venture capital. Techstars entrepreneurs at the event will have the opportunity to enroll in SUP Academy and to engage with SUP for startup formation services.

Techstars accelerators, based throughout the United States, run three-month programs in which  startup entrepreneurs are connected with mentors as well as a network of corporate partners, investors, and alumni. The incubator also provides funding and fundraising opportunities, workshops and resources. 


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O&A created StartupProgram.com (SUP) in 2017 with entrepreneurial startups in mind. Offering complete company formation services delivered through an efficient platform, coupled with an exclusive e-learning curriculum designed for founders, SUP gets startups up and running at a much lower cost than working with a big law firm – and without the risks of using do-it-yourself legal alternative websites. Visit SUP to learn more or book a demo of the service today.