O&A Sponsoring Fast-Pitch Conference

O&A is excited to announce that on Thursday, November 21, 2019 we will sponsor a Los Angeles Venture Capitalist Fast Pitch conference hosted by Black Dog Venture Partners. Attorneys Dan Offner and Bernardo Ainza will attend the event on behalf of O&A and Startupprogram.com, with Dan presenting. This event is an opportunity for early stage companies to connect with venture capitalists, angels, and accredited investors from across the country and raise money for their startups. Black Dog Venture Partners has hosted numerous investor events throughout the west coast and has raised millions of dollars for startups as a direct result of their fast pitch conferences. For more information about this upcoming event please visit https://vcfastpitch.com/.

About Black Dog Venture Partners
Black Dog Venture Partners is a business accelerator that provides access to funding though our network of 13,000 investors, business development though our network of 40,000 business partners, sales/marketing and executive coaching services for disruptive companies. For more information about Black Dog Venture Partners please visit https://www.blackdogpromotions.com/.