O&A Sponsors Halloween Networking and Startup Pitch Event by LvlUp Ventures

On Thursday, Oct. 24, O&A, P.C. sponsored and attended a Halloween Networking and Startup Pitch Event by LvlUP Ventures, hosted at Cross Campus DTLA. Attorneys Bernardo Ainza, Tyler Morant, Bjorn Roos, Brenda Natarajan, and paralegal Aaron Kunitomo were all in attendance on behalf of O&A, P.C. The event was open to entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and service providers across all industries and featured a pitch competition between eight selected startup companies.

Morant said, “We, at O&A, were pleased to have been involved in this amazing event. We congratulate each and every one of the companies on their stellar pitches, and all of us at O&A were impressed by their innovative ideas and passion for their products. Each one of the companies and the panelists are a testament to why LA is one of the premiere hubs for entrepreneurship.”

Los Angeles is home to a rising startup cultural scene that is predicted to continue to grow healthily due to the diversity of the area’s industries.

“We are honored to be part of such a vibrant community of entrepreneurship and the opportunity to offer them an affordable, attorney guided solution to form venture ready businesses via O&A’s StartupProgram.com and StartupCaptables.com,” Morant said.

LA has long been the U.S.’s lead manufacturing center, and also being a center for media and entertainment means there is no shortage of talent and big ideas nearby. The scene is garnering more and more attention from strong new investors, and events such as the Halloween mixer from LvlUp facilitate connections and are critical in expanding the already vibrant startup scene.

About LvlUp Ventures
LvlUp Ventures is a Pre-Seed to Series A Industry Agnostic Venture Capital firm that operates like a startup. Founded back in January of 2019 by the Co-Founder of Quake Capital, LvlUp Ventures offers personalized hands-on attention to startups in need of guidance. Currently, they help aspiring entrepreneurs become established with brands and investors through three arms: Coaching Services, Founder’s Shop/VC Scholar Education, and LA VentureConnect Events. For more information, please visit https://lvlup.ventures/about.

About O&A
O&A is an elite team of attorneys committed to helping clients achieve their objectives — efficiently and effectively. The firm represents some of the biggest companies in technology and interactive entertainment, as well as some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies. Founded by Dan Offner, O&A specializes in venture and corporate law for technology and content. For more information, please visit http://oandapc.com/.