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O&A’s lawyers have big firm experience and expertise, but not big firm prices. Together we have worked as a team to develop better systems and processes for our lawyers to handle everything from startup formations to venture capital financing to mergers and acquisitions.

Startups & Emerging growth Companies

O&A represents entrepreneurs from incorporation through financing and exits. O&A represents companies on their venture capital financing deals for angel, Series Seed, Series A, Series B and above rounds.

Mergers & Acquisitions

O&A represents both companies on the sell side and on the buy side. Our lawyers have represented serial acquirers of interactive entertainment and technology companies for years.

Angel & Venture capital

O&A represents angel and venture capital investors on early stage, Series A, B, C and up investments.

Securities Law

The federal and state regulatory requirements imposed on private companies seeking to raise capital are complex and constantly evolving, requiring experienced and responsive securities counsel to navigate a successful transaction. Our attorneys have the skills and experience to make sure that any equity or debt offering takes place in the way that is best for a client’s overall capital structure and compliant with federal and state securities laws.​


O&A attorney James Kidston at white board
Our laywers have experience at both law firms and as in house counsel, so we understand the need to strike a balance between effective, but efficient business minded legal advice. We take the time to understand your business and can easily scale up our service team, so you can rely upon us as your on-call legal department. We have worked for multiple technology and content companies for many years so we understand both areas on a business and legal level.
O&A attorney James Kidston at white board

Technology & Software

O&A lawyers handle all kinds of technology and software licensing agreements. We regularly negotiate, draft and close SaaS (Software as a Service) agreements, App development and App distribution agreements.

Interactive Entertainment

O&A’s founder has been representing interactive entertainment developers and publishers for over twenty years.  Today, the firm works on interactive entertainment transactional matters for Ubisoft, Virtuos, and Alcon Interactive.

Digital Content

Having our roots in representing the Teenage Mutant Turtles in the 1990s, today we represent the Oatmeal and Exploding Kittens as well as new social media companies such as Digital Media Management.

virtual Reality

O&A’s founder was the general counsel of Oculus VR from before its Series A through its exit to Facebook. Today, the firm represents Oculus, Spaces, VRsenal and VR companies that are pioneering this new industry.

Privacy & Data Security

If you are a technology, interactive entertainment, VR or digital content company today, you are going to interact with end users or business partners through the web or your mobile app, O&A knows how to help you on your privacy and data-security issues.