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O&A is a law firm for entrepreneurs.

O&A, a venture and corporate law firm for technology and content companies, is committed to helping entrepreneurs. We  focus exclusively on just two areas of law — corporate and commercial work — with an emphasis on corporate formation and the needs of early stage firms.

In partnership with Blue Heron Ventures, we created StartupProgram.com, a comprehensive yet affordable solution for building a legal foundation to ensure your startup is ready for venture capital funding. 

O&A’s lawyers handle everything from startup formations to venture capital financing to mergers and acquisitions. The lawyers at O&A have  experience at both law firms and as in house counsel, so we understand the need to strike a balance between effective, but efficient, business-minded legal advice. We take the time to understand your business so you can rely upon us as your on-call legal department.


In partnership with Blue Heron Ventures, O&A’s StartupProgram.com offers entrepreneurs cost-efficient legal services that ensure their startup has a solid legal foundation and is ready for venture capital funding.


Our sister firm, Blue Heron Ventures, invests in entrepreneurs first. Great entrepreneurs create great businesses that make great products that meet market and customer needs or make new markets and create customers. 


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